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Tibet launches anti-white pollution association
update:October 21,2019
Oct. 21, 2019 -- Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region launched an anti-white pollution association Sunday to help protect the local environment.
The association is composed of members from all sectors of the society, who are committed to assisting the local government to promote the work of banning white pollution through various activities.
After a brief ceremony, hundreds of volunteers went out to pick up plastic trash in a riverside park in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet.
"In such a wonderful place as Tibet, I feel very uncomfortable every time I see rubbish. It is even worse for tourists to see it," said Wang Ying, a 55-year-old volunteer.
"With a specific organization now, I believe that non-governmental environmental protection forces will contribute to a more beautiful Tibet," she said.
Since the preparation of the association for nearly four years, more than 100 outdoor activities have been carried out to mobilize volunteers to pick up white garbage.
According to the association, it will also work to foster a green consumption concept for the public in Tibet and encourage everyone to participate in environmental protection.
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